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Gadget Alert! Closest Hummingbird Views Ever

hummingbird_maskWhat do you get when you cross a welder’s mask with a hummingbird feeder? About the closest view of a hummingbird possible without actually climbing inside a flower. At least that’s how it looks from this video demonstration (YouTube).

Sure, with a bit of persistence and a porch full of feeders you can make hummers comfortable enough that they’ll sip from a feeder you’re holding. But this “Eye-to-Eye” mask [cleverly if illegibly rendered as an emoticon :--2<:, get it? ] puts the flower virtually inside your head.

The entire helmet is bright red to attract the attention of even the most unobservant hummingbirds, and  a yellow flower pattern leads to a feeding tube right between your eyes. The mask keeps you safe from any inadvertent stabs from off-target birds. According to one report you can feel the downdraft from the bird’s wings as it hovers before you.

The product sells for $80 from the ingenious inventors at If you’ve ever worn a red baseball cap in the tropics and wished the hummingbirds that buzzed you would stick around a little longer, this might be the product for you. And the holidays are just around the corner.

(Via Gizmodo; thanks Sitta for the tip!)

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  1. Tammy
    Posted April 4, 2010 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    That should make for some close encounters. I’m also looking for some hanging feeders to attract more hummingbirds to my backyard. Perky-Pet makes a Magnolia Top Fill hummingbird feeder, but I’ll have to read some reviews before purchasing. I’m finding they may be the easiest on the market to fill and clean, since they open at the top, instead of the bottom.

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